Types of skirts #1 straight skirt

A straight skirt is an umbrella term for any skirt that doesn’t flare.  This includes pencil skirts, slightly gathered skirts and fitted pleated skirts.

A straight skirt in its simplest form is a rectangle of fabric, either long or short, with an elastic waistband. This is the easiest type of skirt to sew and it makes an ideal beginner’s sewing project.586a11d383c12a55477afffc62a657b3.jpg

Straight skirts tend to look best when worn with high-heeled shoes and boots rather than chunky or flat-soled footwear. Varying the fabric types in skirts make them ideal for all occasions.

Today the straight skirt is present in many collections every season, in different colours, and accessorised with different shirts, belts, bags and shoes.


Also, more and more celebrities highlight their features using the straight skirt:

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Here are some exemples of skirts different shops in case you want to adopt them this fall😉:

 Accessorize it!




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